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Pakfodder has been leading the industry with innovation since 2000, and over the years our purpose has never changed. We have always been driven to unlock the greatest potential of every animal. Over the last 23 years, our ideas and research-backed nutritional solutions have modernized the way animals are fed.

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Animal feed is often given to animals that are domestic. This feed is referred to as fodder. The supply of quality animal forage ensures that the health of animals is properly monitored by professionals. There are various types of animal feeds including poultry feed, sheep husbandry, cat food, pet food, cattle feeding, equine nutrition, and bird food as well, but we focus on forage products specifically.



Here at Saremco International, we offer the best quality Wheat Straw Hay for export. The protein content of our Wheat straws ranges from 6 to 8 percent. Our fiber content varies from 25 to 65 percent. This variability means that it is essential. We have our Wheat straw supplies analyzes at a feed testing laboratory, then checking done by ration balancing to meet the farm animals' needs for each stage of its reproductive cycle.


We believe in purity. We don’t want your farm animals to feed on anything which does not live up to the standards. Saremco International grows Rhodes Grass Hay on its own farms. Our Rhodes Grass Hay does not bear any kind of harmful ingredients. It is best adapt to areas where annual rainfall reaches 600 mm or more. Here are a number of benefits associate with growing Rhodes Grass Hay naturally.



Corn silage is a high-quality forage of crop, apply on almost every dairy farm and some beef cattle farms worldwide. Its popularity is due to the high amount yielding of a very digestible, best quality energy crop. The ease of adapting it to automate harvesting and feeding is another plus point for this crop. Corn Silage is one of the popular forages, used for animal feed because of its digestibility and high energy. Many of the characteristics of corn silage make it attractive for many livestock producers. Corn Silage is an excellent forage for dairy cows because of its high energy and adequate fiber.


Straw is the residue of crops consisting of the dry stems and leaves. They are left after the harvest of legumes, cereals, and other crops. Straws are available in various quantities, usually almost half the harvestable vegetation crop. Straws are a highly fibrous roughage that cannot be eaten by humans. On the other hand, they have always play an essential role in agriculture and in rural societies. Here they get use for numerous purposes.


Quality Is Our First Priority

Our focus is to provide best quality animal feed and forages for livestock and farm animals. At our company, quality reigns supreme in our endeavors to export animal feed and forages. We uphold stringent standards throughout every stage of production. We make sure that we export high quality feed so that the animals remain healthy.

We prioritize:

  • Nutritional value,
  • Safety and consistency of our offering.
  • The well-being of animals.
  • Performance of livestock.

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