Wheat Straw

Wheat straw is a type of agricultural byproduct that is derived from the stems and leaves of wheat plants after the grain has been harvested. It is a common form of bedding and forage for livestock, as well as a useful material for various agricultural and industrial applications.

Wheat straw is typically baled and stored for later use. It can be used as a bedding material for animals such as horses, and cows, as it provides a comfortable and absorbent surface that helps to keep animals dry and clean. In addition, wheat straw can be used as a source of roughage for livestock, although its nutritional value is lower than that of alfalfa hay.

Wheat straw is also used in a variety of other applications. It can be used as a mulch for gardens and landscaping, helping to retain moisture in the soil and control weeds. It can also be used as a renewable source of fuel, either as a feedstock for biofuels or as a source of heat for homes and businesses.